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Tecnica Mach1 HV 120 - 2022 Ski Boot Review

Ski Bum Reviews Tecnica Mach1 HV (High Volume) 120 - 2022 Ski Boot Review


Calling all wide-footed skiers! Don’t you hate it when you’re forced to cut your day short due to cold, numb feet? We do too. While weather conditions play a major part, so does the fit and feel of your boots. A boot that is too tight can lead to cold feet due to blood flow restriction, which in turn can drastically hinder your performance on the hill. Thanks to the Tecnica Mach1 HV 120s, the ideal boot for wider feet is here to save the day. Boasting a high volume 103 mm last, advanced to expert level skiers with wider feet can achieve top tier power transmission and all-day comfort. Taking it one step further, Tecnica incorporated a C.A.S. shell and tongue, which has revolutionized ski boots with regards to fit and personalization. The shell has an anatomical shape that perfectly matches the shape of your foot. If the fit isn’t amazing right out of the box, you have the option of thermo customization for both the shell and tongue. The performance C.A.S. liner is also anatomically shaped for maximum comfort and performance. Thermo customizable as well, you can achieve your dream fit and not have to worry about sacrificing a tight heel hold. The 120 flex lands on the stiffer side of the spectrum, putting you directly in the driver’s seat and ready to tackle the entire mountain with confidence. If the flex still isn’t enough, take advantage of the 45 mm power strap to boost your power. If you are looking for the perfect boot for wider feet with unmatchable performance and customization, the Tecnica Mach1 HV 120 is your go-to boot.


C.A.S. Shell

The C.A.S. Shell has an anatomical shape that matches the shape of the foot. This allows for a better out-of-the box initial fit. The dimples on the shell offer less surface tension and facilitate heating, making customizing the shell easier. The shell retains the new shape better and longer.

C.A.S Liner

C.A.S. has revolutionized ski boots with regards to fit and personalization. The liners are anatomically shaped for optimal comfort and offer great heel hold. The internal part of the liner is shaped to match the foot while the exterior matches and conforms to the shape of the shell. The dual density micro-cell material is durable and easy to customize. The C.A.S. liners are less prone to pack-out maintaining the fit over a longer period of time.


Celliant® Insulation – Celliant is powered by 13 thermoreactive minerals that convert body heat into infrared energy. Infrared penetrates deep into the tissue to increase circulation, oxygen and blood flow. This results in improved performance, thermal regulation and faster recovery.

Quick Instep

The soft plastic over the instep area allows the shell to open easier allowing for a smoother transition entering of exiting the boot.

Asymmetric Power Transmission

The revolutionary asymmetrical concept is based on a different thickness of the shell and liner structures. The inside of the shell is slightly thicker and stiffer and the outside of the shell is thinner and more flexible.

Tecnica Mach 1 HV

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