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Tecnica Cochise 120 & 105 W - 2022 Ski Boot Review

Ski Bum Reviews Tecnica Cochose 120 and Tecnica Cochise 105 W - Men's and Women's 2022 Ski Boot Review


For the past decade the Tecnica Cochise has been a leader in the Alpine Touring / All Mountain ski boot category. And the 2022 Cochise plans to maintain its spot atop of the leaderboard. The new and improved Cochise is more innovative, versatile, and lighter than ever. All while maintaining the comfort and performance Cochise owners have come to love. The Tecnica Cochise is a great option for advanced to expert level skiers with a medium forefoot . It’s C.A.S shell and liner offer a like custom fit feel straight out of the box but can be modified to fit almost all foot shapes. The dimples on the shell offer less surface tension and facilitate heating, making customizing the shell easier and more accurate. They also act as reinforcement after the shell has been molded, allowing the shell to hold its shape better and for longer. And for the most unique of foot shapes, the cochise can be punched and ground for a truly custom fit. The liner is anatomically shaped for optimal comfort and offers great heel hold. The dual density micro-cell material is fully customizable and built to last. Meaning less prone to pack-out maintaining a firmer more snug fit longer. No wonder they have been a top pick for ski patrol personnel for years. The new T-Ride walk mechanism with its “Full Lock” option and carbon reinforced spine combine for maximum power transmission and control. Making the most hard charging skiers feel confident when laying down high speed turns. And yet, when you're ready to skin back uphill or just ready to walk and grab a beer. Flip the T-Ride mechanism back into the walk position for increased range of motion and higher level of versatility making it easier to get to your next destination. Even if that’s just heading to the car. Regardless if you are a regular backcountry skier, a regular at your local resort or even ski patrol. The Tecnica Cochise can deliver optimal performance, comfort and durability.



C.A.S. Shell

The C.A.S. Shell has an anatomical shape that matches the shape of the foot. This allows for a better out-of-the box initial fit. The dimples on the shell offer less surface tension and facilitate heating, making customizing the shell easier. The shell retains the new shape better and longer.

C.A.S Liner

C.A.S. has revolutionized ski boots with regards to fit and personalization. The liners are anatomically shaped for optimal comfort and offer great heel hold. The internal part of the liner is shaped to match the foot while the exterior matches and conforms to the shape of the shell. The dual density micro-cell material is durable and easy to customize. The C.A.S. liners are less prone to pack-out maintaining the fit over a longer period of time.

Quick Instep

The soft plastic over the instep area allows the shell to open easier allowing for a smoother transition entering of exiting the boot.

Asymmetric Power Transmission

The revolutionary asymmetrical concept is based on a different thickness of the shell and liner structures. The inside of the shell is slightly thicker and stiffer and the outside of the shell is thinner and more flexible.

Tecnica Cochise 120 Specs

Tecnica Sizing Chart

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Tecnica Cochise 105 W

Tecnica Cochise 105 W Specs

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