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Rossignol Sender Free Open 110 - 2023/2024 Ski Review

Unleashing Performance and Playfulness: Rossignol Sender Free Open 110 - 2023/2024 Ski Review


Want a powder hungry, hard charging Freeride ski that can still handle resort days? Do you want 110 underfoot with 100 mm responsiveness? Built for the advanced to expert skier, the Rossignol Sender Free 110 ski empowers you to embrace the snow's every whim, whether within the resort bounds or venturing beyond. With its full sidewall construction, this ski seamlessly merges the lively responsiveness of a powder ski with the unwavering grip of a big mountain powerhouse. The Double Rocker profile and Airtip technology redefine the boundaries of exhilarating and responsive skiing. These innovative features ensure that you're in control no matter the terrain, from fluffy powder to variable conditions. Embracing sustainability, the ski features a PEFC-certified poplar wood core that maintains a lightweight and eco-friendly composition. Titanal reinforcements and Damp Tech vibration absorption technology solidify a predictably commanding experience, even in the most diverse snow conditions. As the fall line beckons heed its call with confidence. The Rossignol Sender Free 110 ski is your vessel for a complete send, delivering power and precision that's ready to conquer the mountain's every challenge.



Discover top-tier skiing performance through groundbreaking technologies. DAMP TECH minimizes vibration for confident control and heightened snow contact on variable surfaces. The revolutionary CARBON ALLOY MATRIX introduces a lightweight, super-powered fiber for stability, edge grip, and high-definition power. AIR TIP optimizes maneuverability by concentrating mass underfoot and reducing tip weight, ensuring natural floatation and effortless control. RECTANGULAR FULL SIDEWALL construction merges horizontal core layering with vertical sidewalls, enhancing edge grip, precision, and power. The PROGRESSIVE SIDECUT profile redefines all-mountain skiing with confident grip, playfulness, and fluidity on diverse terrains. EXTENDED CORE maximizes snow contact and torsional stability for elevated precision and power. The TI PLUS BEAM delivers on-snow smoothness and precision with its titanal reinforcement extending from tip to sidewalls. The PROGRESSIVE ROCKER profile offers versatility, effortless float, and confident steering. Lastly, the PEFC POPLAR WOOD CORE ensures a balanced blend of dampness, elasticity, and weight savings for an exceptional skiing journey.

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Experience smoother skiing with reduced vibration thanks to DAMP TECH. This innovation enhances snow contact, providing confident control even in variable conditions.


CARBON ALLOY MATRIX introduces a new era of super-fiber. It delivers HD power, stability, and edge grip while remaining remarkably lightweight. The fusion of carbon/basalt diagonal weave with linear glass stringers ensures balanced flex, exceptional vibration absorption, and titanal-like strength.


Revolutionize your skiing with AIR TIP technology. By concentrating ski mass underfoot and lightening the tip, you gain effortless maneuverability, natural floatation, and playful control.


Discover the power of RECTANGULAR SIDEWALL construction. With horizontal layering of core materials and vertical sidewalls, you unlock optimized edge grip, precision, balance, and power.


Embrace the modern all-mountain experience with PROGRESSIVE SIDECUT. This profile ensures confident grip while adding playfulness and fluidity, enabling seamless drift, smear, and carving through diverse terrains.


Elevate your control with EXTENDED CORE technology. By enhancing snow contact and torsional stability through the ski's tip, you gain precision and power, particularly in mixed conditions.


TI PLUS BEAM introduces titanal reinforcement extending from tip to tail and even to the sidewalls underfoot. This advancement enhances on-snow feel, delivering remarkable precision, performance, and grip.


Designed for deep powder, PROGRESSIVE ROCKER combines rocker and camber for unmatched versatility. Longer, lower tip rocker, tapered tail profile, and traditional camber allow easy steering, instant speed control, and the energy to swiftly return to the lift.


Experience the perfect balance of dampness, elasticity, and weight savings with the PEFC Poplar wood core.

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