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Nordica Santa Ana 93 - 2022 Ski Review

Ski Bum Reviews Nordica Santa Ana 93 Ski Review - All mountain free ride ski for the hardcore female rider.


The Nordica Santa Ana 93 is the queen of the castle when it comes to all-mountain versatility for advanced and expert female skiers. Since it’s debut, ladies from all ski backgrounds have gravitated to the exceptional performance and dynamic power that these pow sticks deliver. From its shape and construction to its adaptability, the Santa Ana’s have stolen the limelight from all other female all-mountain skis, maintaining a reputation for outstanding versatility and all around execution. Boasting an all mountain rocker profile combined with an ideal 93 mm waist width, you’ll be floating effortlessly through fresh pow with confidence and ease. Early rise in the tip and tail enable easy turn initiation while camber underfoot keeps you strong and stable when encountering any crud or hardpack. Despite the wider waist, these skis can lay an edge on groomers like no other yet when the time comes to head into the trees, you’ll be ready for off-piste terrain as well. Blending both metal and wood to the core of these skis leaves you with reliable stiffness for laying down turns but a bit of play for those freeride maneuvers. To recap, not only is this ski sturdy and capable of ripping firmer snow at high speeds, it is also light and nimble. The perfect combination for an all-mountain, one ski quiver that can take you from crud and bumps to powder and trees. For any lady who wants accessibility to all terrain on any given day, the Nordica Santa Ana 93s will make those dreams come true.



Core & Laminates

Line Sick Day Ski Directional Flex
  1. Full Performance Woddcore

  2. ABS Sidewalls



Rocker Camber Profile

Line Sick Day Ski  Aspen wood core

Carbon Glass

Combining the precision of sidewall underfoot, and the lightweight, durable performance of cap construction in the tip and tail, Capwall™ Construction provides the best of both worlds.

True Tip

By trimming the amount of heavy ABS plastic in the tip and extending the lightweight wood core into this area with a taper that further reduces weight, we enhanced playfulness and maneuverability of the ski without compromising that unmatched feeling of powerful and control. The next generation is upon us.

Terrain Specific Metal

By adding the same shaped metal plate inside the skis, it increases proportionately with the decrease of the last. Trough this technology, we were able to design unique constructions better suited for different terrain. The narrower Santa Ana have more power and stability on trail, while the wider constructions are more enjoyable off-piste and on softer snow.


Nordica Sizing Chart

Line Sick Day Ski sizing chart

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