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Nordica Enforcer 104 Free - 2022 Ski Review

Ski Bum Reviews Nordica Enforcer 104 Free Ski Review - All mountain free ride ski for the pow hungry skiers


For the pow-hungry freeskiers out there, the Nordica Enforcer Free 104 might just be the one ski quiver that you’ve been daydreaming about. A favorable addition to the infamous Enforcer line, Nordica found the happy medium between the 100 and 110 for a slightly more playful, nimble freestyle pow ski. Starting with the construction, the 104s mimic the rest of the highly reputable line with a full wood core and two sheets of metal, giving them that dynamic power and stiffness that we know and love. Tapping into a more freeride realm, the powder rocker profile combined with the moderate tip and tail taper make for effortless control and easy energy transfer in and out of turns. When conditions call for a change in plans, these skis know how to float through fresh powder while also having the ability to maneuver off natural hits found anywhere off-piste. By adding lightweight balsa material to the construction, you blend the stiffness of the ski with a bit more play and liveliness, which is ideal when it comes to freestyle skiing. In order to reduce the bulkiness of the ski even more, Nordica took the design one step further by extending the wood core into the tips and tails to lighten the ski’s swingweight. That said, despite the reduction in weight to satisfy those freestyle dreams, upon encountering groomers, these skis can hold an edge like no other. Holding strong through every turn but ready to pop off anything your heart desires with confidence and style, the Nordica Enforcer Free 104s are the ideal ski for skiers looking for the perfect blend of response and performance, on and off-piste.



Core & Laminates

Line Sick Day Ski Directional Flex
  1. Full Performance Woddcore

  2. ABS Sidewalls

  3. GR400 Carbon Glass

  4. 2 TI Layers

Running Base

Line Sick Day Ski 5 cut multi radius

The running base design has a specific geometric shape to show two features of the ski: A horizontal cut indicates where the rocker starts. The intersection of the diagonal cut with the edge shows the ski’s widest point

Rocker Camber Profile

Line Sick Day Ski  Aspen wood core

Carbon Glass

Combining the precision of sidewall underfoot, and the lightweight, durable performance of cap construction in the tip and tail, Capwall™ Construction provides the best of both worlds.

True Tip

By trimming the amount of heavy ABS plastic in the tip and extending the lightweight wood core into this area with a taper that further reduces weight, we enhanced playfulness and maneuverability of the ski without compromising that unmatched feeling of powerful and control. The next generation is upon us.


Line Sick Day Ski spec sheet

Nordica Sizing Chart

Line Sick Day Ski sizing chart

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