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Best Freeride Skis 2022/2023 - Men's and Women's

Ski Bum Reviews top picks for the best freeride skis of the 2022/2023 season


Ski Bum Reviews top freeride skis for male and female skiers. Freeride skis need to be able to float on powder, have the pop and playfulness of a freestyle ski and still be able to carve up the steeps. This list is made up of our picks for best male, female and unisex Freeride ski


Atomic Bent 120

Ski Bum Reviews best west all mountain ski Blizzard Rustler 10


The Atomic Bent Chetler 120 is Chris Benchetler’s signature ski and the big brother of the Bent ski family. This pillow-bashing, powder-slashing machine features topsheet and base art by the man himself. With construction and shaping designed and refined by Chris Benchetler since 2008, the latest iteration redefines what’s possible in big mountain terrain. Dura Cap Sidewall construction combined with revolutionary HRZN Tech offers more surface area in the tip and tail for better tracking through chop and crud with less tip deflection. The Light Woodcore shaves weight while the Carbon Backbone adds strength and stiffness. The Powder Rocker profile offers the perfect amount of tip and tail turn-up, and camber under foot delivers epic performance through deep turns, side hits, and nose butters.


Blizzard Hustle 11

Ski Bum Reviews best west coast all mountain ski elan ripstick 106


The Hustle 11 is built off our tried-and-true freeride-oriented profile with a waist width that gets wider as the ski gets longer, so it’s got all the gas you need to send that big line you’ve been eyeing for years, especially when it gets deep. Powered by an all new, lightweight TrueBlend Free wood core, Hustle 11 shaves some weight so you can go further and charge harder, and might just be your new best friend on a powder day.


K2 Mindbender 108 Ti

Ski Bum Reviews Best west coast all mountain ski Head Kore 105

Like its Mindbender peers, the 108Ti men’s freeride ski delivers versatility at any speed, and in any conditions. Equipped with a mid-fat waist, long turn radius, and an All-Terrain Rocker profile the 108Ti comes together to create a stable, unflinching freeride experience. Its Titanal Y-Beam construction keeps things damp when speeds are high, and conditions get choppy. At arguably one of the most versatile widths in the Mindbender family, the 108Ti’s let you forget the forecast, and focus on your line.


Rossignol Black Ops 118

Ski Bum Reviews best west coast all mountain ski Nordica Enforcer 104


Float, stomp, bounce and blast. The Blackops 118 is the tool of choice for progressive freeride performance. Solid when it counts and playful all the time, it has the width to float and smear through the deepest days and the stability to stick every landing. Race-developed construction and a lively wood core blend for the power to get creative.


Fischer Ranger 116

Ski Bum Reviews best west coast all mountain ski nordica unleashed 108


The Ranger 116 is a powder pro that is up to the highest demands of freeriders who love deep snow. The ski's technical design and strong materials are crafted to hold up to the power of today's top skiers. A sandwich sidewall construction with a poplar/beech wood core provides stability in every setting and situation. Shaped Ti and freeski rocker provide excellent control in deep snow, optimal ride performance in soft conditions, and one-of-a-kind agility in open terrain. This wide, highly maneuverable ski will make any deep snow skier's heart beat faster in any situation, whether it's dropping big cliffs or making deep tracks in awesome snow.


Line Blade Optic 114

Ski Bum Reviews best west coast all mountain ski rossignol sender 104

For the skiers setting their sights on storm days and endless in-bounds powder laps, the award-winning LINE Blade Optic 114 is here to answer the call. Equipped with our Gas Pedal Metal Overdrive™ technology, paired with a refined rocker profile, attuned tapering, and functional waist width, the Blade Optic 114 is a super stable stomp stick that will float through the deepest of deep and plow through crud. Our freeride team's favorite ski, kick it into overdrive and experience freeride through a new lens on the Blade Optic 114.


Nordica Unleashed 108

Ski Bum Reviews Best west coast all mountain ski fischer ranger 102

Unisex/Womens: Nordica Unleashed 98 W

High fives and good times come standard with Nordica’s Unleashed 108. Built for the modern freeskier, it loves deep days and big terrain. Yet this daily driver is also at home in the trees and bumps thanks to a rocker profile that offers exceptional versatility. To elevate your confidence, the Unleashed 108 pairs a wood core with carbon and a sheet of terrain-specific metal. This enhances edge hold and dampens vibration for an especially smooth ride. Armed with traditional camber underfoot, the Unleashed 108 offers excellent response and plenty of pop. And its early rise tip and tail provide flotation on deep days and give you the freedom to approach any terrain and every turn with creativity. Playful and powerful, Nordica’s Unleashed 108 transforms the entire mountain into your canvas.


Salomon QST Blank 112

Ski Bum Reviews best west coast all mountain ski Atomic Bent 110


We tasked our athletes with designing the most progressive and playful freeride powder ski on the mountain: meet the QST BLANK. Pillow-popping and powder-loving, the BLANK is built for deep days at 112mm underfoot. A progressive shape enhances the flotation and playfulness of your turns, while its construction provides the stability you rely on. Charge resort laps, or mount the BLANK with the SHIFT for touring.



Black Crows Anima

Ski Bum Reviews best west coast all mountain ski Black Crow Artis

Womens: Anima Birdie

It is a machine that easily enters curves, is very playful, performs well on hard snow for its size and is very stable at high speeds. The Anima is a ski that embraces the creativity of the skier (big lines, jumps, quick pivots, switch) and always keeps you on your toes. It's an animal and it's the ski of the 2021 Freeride World Champion Kristofer Turdell.


Völkl Revolt 121

 Ski Bum Reviews Best west coast all mountain ski line blade optic 104


The Revolt 121 is the result of a close cooperation between Lead Engineer Lucas Romain, Product & Team Manager Jean-Claude Pedrolini and the riders Markus Eder, Paddy Graham, Fabio Studer, Colter Hinchliffe, Tanner Rainville, Sam Smoothy and Tom Ritsch. The tip & tail rocker ski comes with a slight camber under the binding for that little bit of extra pressure und steering when approching the kicker. ""Incredibly versatile"" - that's one of the most often heard comments from people riding the Revolt 121. This is made possible due to the 3 radius construction and a specially shaped tip that works great for nose butters and drift turns in soft snow. The tough box construction with Multilayer Woodcore makes the ski strong enough to go where dedicated freeskiers dare to go


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