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Unrivaled Versatility and Performance Atomic Bent 100 - 2025 Ski Review

Ski Bum Reviews - 2025 Atomic Bent Ski review

The Atomic Bent 100, a top-selling ski renowned for its versatility, effortlessly conquers all terrains.

When Atomic decided to slim down their award-winning Bent Chetler 120, they did it with one thing in mind. They wanted to create a "go anywhere, do everything ski" by adding the Atomic Bent 100. What was a fully capable all-around ski before is now getting improvements for 2025 that we didn't know it needed. Atomic has extended the new and improved HRZN 3D wood core further to the tip for more stability at speed and ease when initiating turns. The enhanced wood core adds stiffness without the added weight, staying true to the Bents 100's playful yet capable nature we have come to love. In addition to the extended wood core, Atomic has added more tail rocker, improving maneuverability in the park, soft snow, bumps, or attacking tight tree lines. The Dura Cap Sidewalls ensure power transmission and s edge grip, particularly on firmer snow surfaces. The reinforced Resist Edge also provides added resilience and durability, which is ideal for confidently hitting park rails. These skis truly are one of the most versatile on the market. With a weight of 1.7 kg (at 180), these skis are a perfect option for skiers who occasionally skin the backcountry in search of untracked snow or side country explorers who like to ski tree lines and their favorite resort. In Atomics' words, "Atomic Bent Chetler 100 is a go-everywhere, do-everything all-mountain ski. From powder to piste, this is the ski of choice for any day. Every day."

Shop Atomic Bent 100 - (Launching 8/25)


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