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Give'r 4 Season Gloves - The Best Damn Ski Gloves Ever

Ski Bum Reviews Give'r 4 Season Gloves Review - The most comfortable, versatile, and durable pair of waterproof, all-leather, insulated four season gloves


The Give’r 4 season glove could be the toughest most well rounded gloves on the market. Not specifically a ski glove but considering it was developed and tested in the Teton mountain range surrounding Jackson Hole Wyoming. These rugged gloves can handle just about anything at your local ski resort can throw at them. It’s four layer construction offers durability, waterproofing, wind protection and premium insulation without sacrificing dexterity and functionality. The outer layer is made with premium all leather cowhide that is tanned and waxed (*optional) for weather resistance and durability. The Hipora membrane offers 100% waterproofing while still allowing your hands to breathe. The heat and wind stopping layer offers a wide functional temperature range which means these gloves can work under all extremes while still protecting your hands. Lined with 40g Thinsulate insulation the Give’r 4 season gloves are not only tough but extremely comfortable in the coldest of temperatures. Other features include an elastic wrist cuff to keep warmth in and snow out. Leather pull tabs to easily take them on and off and a keystone thumb that is sewn in as a separate piece and positioned to provide maximum comfort, reinforced extra stitching and improved dexterity. Give’r also offers custom embroidering and comes in a wide range of sizes for the ultimate fit and customization. If you're an avid skier tired of going through a new pair of gloves every season or just an outdoor enthusiast looking for a versatile four season work glove, the Give’r 4 season gloves are for you.


4 Layer Construction

Layering breakdown:

1. Reinforced, all-leather cowhide exterior 2. 100% waterproof membrane 3. Reflective heat shield on front of hand for warmth retention 4. Soft thinsulate insulation system

- Wrist cuff to keep warmth in and snow out - Keystone thumb design - Steel D-Ring for leash attachment and storage - Customize with hand-branded initials - up to 3 characters - Optional all-natural wax coating - recommended for leather longevity

Give'r 4 Season Mittens

The Frontier Mittens are designed to endure all of life’s challenges and keep you warm no matter if work or play calls your name. The construction, which includes a fully waterproof membrane, a durable leather exterior, and enough insulation to keep a snowman warm was built purposefully to withstand everything from grabbing a burning log from a campfire to ice-fishing in the heart of winter. Brought to life through crowdfunding, these mittens are the answer to our communities' call for Give'r style warmth!

Give'r 4 Season Wrist Leashes

*optional accessory

Give'r 4 Season Gloves Sizing Chart

Break in & Fit

The 4-Season Gloves are meant to fit snug at first, as the design accounts for the break in process that occurs with further use. If you’re not interested in going through the break in process, please size up. The significance of this progression from snug to form fitting glove is the key takeaway from all glove testers and prototype evaluations in the 2 years of 4-Season Glove development.

Not all hands are the same and, if deciding between sizes, we typically recommend sizing up. However, those with short fingers and/or a narrow wrist (often the case for females), may want to consider sizing down.


Washing/Cleaning Tips:

1. Just don't clean 'em! Leather looks better with some good ol' dirt and grease and with time you'll come to love the new patina.

2. Can't resist? Use a damp cloth (no soap!) to wipe away dirt from the surface of gloves and then dry them slowly in front of a fan.

Tried-N'-True Drying Techniques:

1. *Fastest* Place your gloves on a boot/glove warmer. Make sure to create a gap for airflow on elastic cuff.

2. Place your gloves on their sides in front of a standard fan, ensuring maximum air flow. Put a paper towel tube in the wrist cuff to assist with airflow.

3. Use any accessible products that absorb moisture or allow for air flow (i.e. shoe dehydrator, newspaper, etc.) and place in the sun.


1. Wring-out like a dish towel

2. Place too close to the fire

3. Place on your car exhaust

4. Turn inside out

5. Place on radiator

6. Place in microwave

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