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Dalbello Panterra 95 W GW - 2022 Ski Boot Review

Ski Bum Reviews Dalbello Panterra 95 W GW Women's 2022 Ski Boot Review


The boot from every female freeride skier’s dreams officially exists. The Dalbello Panterra 95 GW masters all things freestyle, thanks to the powercage technology, medium-hard flex, and highly adjustable fit. For the ladies looking for top level performance, responsiveness, and all-day comfort; look no more. Excelling in the freestyle world requires quick and energetic energy transmission, aggressive power and the perfect amount of flex from a ski boot. The Dalbello Panterra has it all plus more. Starting with the 95 flex index with additional flex control, you’re properly positioned to be in the driver’s seat but not so much so that you can’t show off your tricks and maneuvers. Depending on your weight, skill level and snow conditions; Dalbello though to incorporate the flex control, giving you adjustable forward flex characteristics. In addition to the flex, you also have the ultimate decision when it comes to the last, which is not always the case with ski boots. Depending on your preference, you have a range of 99 to 101 mm to ultimately regulate the overall boot width. This feature can go a long way in terms of ensuring the comfort of your feet on any given day. Speaking of comfort, the liner and shell can be heat molded to fully customize your boots even more. When your feet are set up for success, the rest of your performance will be enhanced as well. If on-piste turns to off-piste, you’ll be ready to go with the ski & hike mechanism that frees the upper cuff from the lower shell. This in turn provides a long range of motion, allowing for functional hiking and climbing. For all things freeride, ladies will love the Dalbello Panterra 95 GW.



Specific Women's fit

Dalbello’s Women’s ski-boot line is developed by women. Woman technicians, designers and members of the Dalbello Freeski team are involved with product engineering and design. The finest Italian design technology assures the best dedicated women’s product in the world.

InstaFit Liner

Instant fit at the very first step in. In addition all IF liners are 40 - 80 % thermo formable.

IF Liner means Instant Fit Liner and stands excactly for this - instant fit at the very first step in! In addition all IF liners are thermo formable in a certain area (40 - 80 %, depending on the model) in only 4 minutes of heating to reach precise and individual fitting with a great memory effect

Cabrio Design

Dalbello's unique Cabrio construction combines a boot shell/boot cuff assembly with an external Kinetic Response Tongue closure which enables a smoother and progressive power transmission same as great shock absorption. Furthermore the long range of flex and a dynamic rebound are characteristic of the Cabrio Construction. Besides the Kinetic Response Tongue, the Dynalink heel retention, the Hike/Ride mechanism and the Inverted Forefoot Buckles are matching perfectly together to make this construction the best versatile and flexible partner in all kind of terrain, especially the backcountry and the park!

Dalbello Panterra 95 W GW Specs

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