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Ski Bum Reviews Soul Poles Custom Bamboo 2022 Review - The lighter, durable, sustainable option to conventional ski poles.


Soul Poles were founded by owner and former world cup ski racer Brian Friedman with one thing in mind. Make an eco-friendly ski pole that is strong and light enough to compete with the major aluminum ski pole players. To say that Sole Poul has done just that would be selling them short. They have not only created an environmentally friendly ski pole brand but they have made ski poles that are lighter and stronger than the traditional competition. Despite the assumption that bamboo is weaker than aluminum. Soul poles are actually 25% stronger than a traditional aluminum ski pole. They make this point clear in a series of videos you can find below. Soul poles are not only stronger and more eco friendly. They are nice to look at! With custom engraving, torching, handles and basket color options. You can customize your poles to fit your style. If you want an eco-friendly ski pole with world cup pedigree that also looks cool. Soul Poles are for you!


Strength Tests

Bamboo Ski Poles Vs. Aluminum Ski Poles

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